Haiti Power Struggle

Our third class of students is now in their fourth month of sewing classes. This is a challenging time for Haiti, as yet another prime minister has resigned, violence and kidnapping continue and keep us from being able to visit, and the ongoing energy crisis has left the school without electricity for most of the […]

2019 Triumphs and Challenges

2019 has been an exciting year for our ministry!  Our biggest celebration is that we graduated our first class of 20 students on Christmas Eve.  Each of the students received a treadle sewing machine through the generous donations of sponsors coupled with the sale of zip pouches and yoga mat bags made by volunteers. Junior, […]

Thank you, Cape Cod

Saturday was the last day I set up a table at the South Chatham Community Church Benefit shop to sell items to raise money for treadle sewing machines for our graduates and to sell items they made. We plan to return to Haiti the first week of December for a graduation ceremony, when we will […]

We have products from Haiti and made in the US

After many months of learning about shipping and labeling regulations, we have received products made by our students in Haiti and are offering these for sale in our E-commerce shop and locally on Cape Cod and in Florida.  Since the students first began sewing, they have been practicing by making items that they hope to […]

Progress in the school despite troubles in Haiti

We are so grateful to all who responded to our request for funding for four new sewing machines, sewing kits, and additional supplies.  They were shipped to Haiti in February, and we now have a working machine for each student.  Two additional shipments of supplies went out in May, and we have been waiting for […]

Reading success and what we need next

All of our students can read! When we started with our current class of students in April, one of the goals of the sewing school was to be sure that all of our students are literate.  The previous ministry discovered at the end of two years that several of the women they had been teaching […]

Thursday successes

Thursday was our fourth day of five with the students. It has been a challenging and exhausting week, and the hot conditions we work in can drain us of our energy. We brought six projects with us this trip to work on with the students. Four were different types of quilt blocks chosen to teach […]

When it rains it pours

Our plan for Wednesday night in Haiti was to take our teachers, interpreters, and Pastor Jacques and his wife Marie out to a nice restaurant to thank them for their hard work and also to have the opportunity to speak to them away from the mayhem about plans for the school. We arranged for transportation […]

Back in Haiti Day One

We arrived at the guest house around 5 yesterday and met up with our Cape Cod friends, who had left before dawn and arrived before us. We are very grateful to all the people who donated the contents of our nine checked bags. It took us all evening to sort all we had brought into […]

We have tables and chairs!

When we visited the orphanage in April to start up the Sewing for Souls ministry in Haiti, we found that there were more students enrolled than we had originally planned.  We also had an inadequate number of tables and chairs, and the tables were not in very good condition.  This led to crowded conditions that […]